The president's office meeting of Suzhou Photoelectric Industry Chamber of Commerce was held smoothl

2020-09-01 11:13

On July 29, "Post-epidemic Era photoelectric Industry Cooperation and suzhou Photoelectric Industry Chamber of Commerce 2020 Annual President's Office Meeting" was successfully held in Luzhiyao Group. Under the guidance of Suzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, Suzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, Suzhou Municipal Supervision Bureau, Suzhou Federation of Industry and Economy, organized by Suzhou Photoelectric Industry Chamber of Commerce (Suzhou Optical cable Industry Chamber of Commerce), co-organized by Suzhou Luzhiyao Technology Co., LTD.

Prior to the meeting, all the leaders, guests and chamber of commerce office units, head of a line, field visit to the road of group exhibition hall, institute of technology/testing center, service center/belief between living space, intelligent production workshop, the relevant person in charge of all the way and carried on the thorough exchange, right away group had more comprehensive understanding, On the road away from the innovative high quality development of admiration.
At the chairman's Meeting, Qian Jianlin, executive vice president of Suzhou Photoelectric Industry Chamber of Commerce and EXECUTIVE President of Hengtong Group, entrusted by Chairman Cui Genliang, made a speech to the meeting and awarded the new unit. On behalf of the secretariat, Feng Feng, executive secretary-general of the Chamber of Commerce, reported to the executive meeting the summary of the work of the chamber of Commerce in the first half of the year and the work plan for the second half of the year, made a special report and exchange on the four major work, and listened to the collective deliberations of the general assembly.
At the same time, a cooperation signing ceremony was held between Suzhou Photoelectric Industry Chamber of Commerce and National Communication Optical Cable Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Chamber of commerce, YongDing group of the institute for wei, director of the expert committee of the motherland and the national center, deputy director of the photoelectric Lv Li, on behalf of the two sides signed on site, and Yangtze river delta photovoltaic industry will build suzhou inspection detection technology service platform, open "priority detection" green channel member enterprises and provide cost substantially preferential policies to explore industry testing equipment sharing mutual recognition mechanism, and so on.
In the industrial cooperation and exchange, Zhao, director, vice president and general manager of wire and cable Division of Luzhiyao Group