Superconducting cable engineering laboratory was established in Silver Changtong Non-ferrous company

2020-09-01 11:09

Science and technology strong enterprise cloth new bureau, talent enterprises open a new chapter. On July 24th, "Superconducting Cable Engineering Laboratory" was inaugurated in Baiyin Changtong Nonferrous Wire and Cable Co., LTD. Li Jiangang, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Wang Pugong, chairman and Party secretary of Baiyin Group jointly inaugurated the engineering laboratory. The ceremony was presided over by Silver Changtong Company manager Xiang Binglun.

Chen Junling, deputy director of Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qin Jinggang, deputy director and researcher of Applied superconductivity Engineering Technology Laboratory, Xi Bin, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Baiyin Group attended the ceremony.
"Superconducting cable engineering laboratory" is a silver colored pasta company established cooperation with institute of plasma physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences of the superconducting cable technology research and development application platform, aimed at superconducting cable technology development, achievements transformation and industrialization, cultivate independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, guarantee for talent superconducting cable technology progress and support facilities.
Mr. Wang Pugong, chairman and Party secretary of Baiyin Group, delivered a welcome speech. Wang Pugong pointed out that the launch of "Superconducting Cable Engineering Laboratory" is a new milestone after the establishment of "Academician workstation" by institute of Plasma Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Changtong Cable Company of Baiyin Group. It is also another happy event for Baiyin Group to promote the development of enterprises through science and technology and talents. Changtong Company is the leader of Baiyin Group to develop strategic emerging industries. Meanwhile, as a key high-tech enterprise in the National Torch Plan and a high-tech enterprise in Gansu Province, changtong Company has combined the introduction of excellent industry technology with independent innovation in recent years. The company has developed and produced nuclear fusion superconducting cable, ultra-fine electromagnetic wire, special wire and cable products and many other domestic leading or even international level of new products, in the high-end wire and cable market to establish a good brand image. In particular, under the careful guidance and support of academician Li Jiangang and the expert team of institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, research